How can I set up a web redirection?

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Control Panel: CP_DOMAINE_fr.jpg DOMAIN > CP_domain_ico_redirection_web.gif Web redirection

From your Customer Area:

  1. Click on CP_GENERAL_Renew_01_EN.jpg
  2. Click on the pack you want to modify the DNS for in the package selection screen:


  3. Click on CP_DOMAINE_fr.jpg DOMAIN
  4. From the Technical Paramaters section, select CP_domain_ico_redirection_web.gif Web redirection
  5. From the main screen, click on CP_Button_Add.png


  6. You will get the new redirection screen:


  7. Enter the corresponding values considering the following:
    - SUBDOMAIN: is the name of the subdomain that you want to redirect (in the example, we want to create so we will type amen)
    - FORWARDING: is the URL where we want the subdomain to point to (in the example,


  8. Click on CP_Button_Add.png
  9. You will go back to the previous screen but the new web redirection will show:


If you want to redirect your domain to another URL, you can just enter WWW as the SUBDOMAIN.

This, however, will not work for WEB PRO + or WEB PRO WINDOWS packages !

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