How do I modify the DNS servers for my domain?

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Control Panel: CP_DOMAINE_fr.jpg DOMAIN > CP_domain_ico_dns_server.gif Modify DNS servers

From your Customer Area:

  1. Click on CP_GENERAL_Renew_01_EN.jpg
  2. Click on the pack you want to modify the DNS for in the package selection screen:


  3. Click on CP_DOMAINE_fr.jpg DOMAIN
  4. From the Technical Paramaters section, select CP_domain_ico_dns_server.gif Modify DNS servers
  5. Click on >> Modify on the main screen:


  6. Enter the DNS servers you want to be authoritative for your domain:


  7. Click on >> Save

Basic rules to update the DNS servers:
  1. We will only accept a minimum of 2 DNS servers for any domain.
  2. The DNS servers should be registered with the correct registry.
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