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Control Panel: CP_mail.jpg MAIL > CP_MAIL_ico_parametros.jpg Configuration

[edit] Introduction

This section will allow you to modify some miscellaneous settings related to your mail.

You will be able to:

  • add/remove domain aliases for your mail server
  • modify the default quota for the mail accounts
  • modify the number of accounts displayed per page on the control panel

[edit] Domain alias

The domain alias feature will allow you to define a secondary domain that will behave in the same way as the main domain. Applied to mail, this means that the mail accounts defined for your main domain will also receive the mail sent to the same addresses but for another domain.


  • We have 2 domains and
  • We purchased a Web Pro + for and created 3 mail accounts, and
  • If we add as a mail domain alias to
    • we will receive the messages for both and in the account
    • we will receive the messages for both and in the account
    • we will receive the messages for both and in the account

To add a domain as a mail alias for your package:

  1. From the main screen:


  2. Enter the domain in the box and click on CP_Button_Add.png

  • In order to make this feature work correctly, the MX record for the domain alias HAS TO point to the same mail server as the main domain.
  • If the domain alias is in any of our + packages (NAME +, MAIL + or PRO +), you will need to contact support in order for us to delete the mail service for the domain alias so that it is accepted.

[edit] Configuration

This section will give you the chance to modify some mail related parameters like:

  • the default quota for new mail accounts
  • number of mail accounts to be displayed per page on the mail account management tool

To change either of these values, just change the value in the box and click on CP_button_save_grey.png


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